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Advanced Business Manager (ABM)
Advanced Manufacturing (AMS)
Sybiz Software

We provide the following quality Software Packages and Business Solutions
(Wholly Australian Owned)

CS Assets Management software is comprehensive yet simple to use. Features of the package include
Depreciation Schedules, Extensive Reporting, Service and Maintenance Management, Work Orders, Stocktakes, Issues and Return tracking, Leases, Project Costing, Capital Expenditure planning and more. (Wholly Australian Owned)

Major Features are:

Simple to Use
Multiple Company and full Multiuser
Comprehensive Search & Lookups
Purchases, Sales, Transfers and Revaluations
Master/Slave Assets with linked sales
Partial sales of assets
Pooled Assets
Flexible Depreciation Intervals
Reverse Depreciation
Depreciate Book & Tax using separate methods
Depreciation Cost Limits
Straight line, Reducing and Pooled Depreciation
Capital Expenditure (CapEx)
Issues and Returns
Asset Tracking
Asset Chargeout
Project Costing
Work Order generation
Service Reminders
Serial Numbers, Model and Barcode
Insurance Details
Location and Transfer History
Service Maintenance History
Warranty Information
Store and Display an image
Unlimited Asset Categories
Stocktake import
Leasing Module
General Ledger Interface
Comprehensive Reports and Charts
Detailed on-line Help
Audit logs